I want to share the lovely feedback the booklet has received! Everyone has been ‘thrilled!’ and really excited about using it in the summer and think it is fantastic, a really good piece of work. Everyone agreed that Katie, the team and young people had done a great job.

Nicola Hutchinson, Arts Project Manager, Essex Libraries


I recently needed a new company ident and Katie was the immediate choice for the job. I worked with her on a number of commissions. She has a real feel for market audiences and always manages to capture the character of the business to the design work she produces. Key to my decision to use her in my work is that she always takes the time to find out exactly what you want to communicate and what she produces fits perfectly with the brand. Her work is both modern, clean and vibrant. I have always found her responsive, totally professional and an absolute joy to work with.

Emma Varnam, Head of Culture, Tameside Borough Council


Katie provided UCS with all of the design work needed to run a successful election for our next student leaders. Her teaser campaign “Will You Run”, and “Vote Today” design work were both exceptional. Katie was able to deliver material that met the design brief on a tight deadline, and make a significant contribution to us achieving our best voter turnout.

Jonathan Wright, University Campus Suffolk Union


I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Katie to anyone whom needs help with design. She has an astute eye, a full understanding of how to make something work, a strong attention to detail and a fantastic work ethic.

Phil Warnock, Director, Ginger Nut Media


I had a number of design requirements with the launch of the new Select Your Mail lead generation catalogue.  From creative client proofs, copy writing and the design and layout of the 20 page catalogue itself.  Katie was professional, quick and very efficient and I would be more than happy to ask her to do future work or recommend her services.

Marcus Williams, Marketing Manager, TMN Media Group