I can provide the whole package of design, marketing and copywriting for your website, educational resource or campaign. I regularly research and write teachers’ packs for exhibitions, interpreting art and objects for different audiences. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Here are some excerpts of my writing…

I Am Not A Number

We have talked previously regarding online reputations and how things such as your Facebook timeline, tagged photos or number of friends will influence your future credit score.

However following on from an article in last month’s Wired Magazine [Welcome to the Reputation Economy, Wired UK] it seems that it may not only be straightforward social networking habits that influence your future standing but also all kinds of freely available online data that looks set to impact your financial credibility, career prospects and even the chances of you renting a car or booking select holiday destination.  You may not have been informed as yet, but your virtual self is set to become big business.

Scary, Orwellian stuff you may think, however, doesn’t it in reality make perfect sense? We’ve all googled ourselves and scrolled through the wealth of information available to the world at large. Why not use this data to form a kind of living, expanding and breathing CV? ….


The Brixton Pound

Recently I wrote about the newly launched Bristol Pound and why we at FundingKnight were fans of this community orientated and hyperlocal currency.

The Bristol Pound is one of few other similar projects taking place around the UK so we thought we would write about one of the first and the original urban scheme, the Brixton Pound.

In the same way as other local currencies, the Brixton Pound was designed and implemented to keep investment and spending in the local area.

By exchanging your run of the mill ordinary sterling into Brixton Pounds you can spend your hard earned cash in a plethora of Brixton businesses helping them to increase their profits.

It’s simple, you invest in your community and as a result your local area improves. It not only allows you to help grow home-grown businesses but also, if you use your B£ electronically, you get an additional 10% spend on your British Pound, thus making your money go farther with an added value local bonus. …


Agnes Obel Interview – A Series of Fortunate Events

A sunny afternoon finds the girls are rocking the retro shades on a secret balcony at Bush Hall with Berlin based, Danish singer songwriter Agnes Obel.  With no sign of pre-show nerves before her one and only London gig tonight, Obel is relaxed and happy to give an exclusive interview to our favourite women’s music website.

With stunning, classically laden piano forming the basis of her critically lauded debut, Philharmonics, the girls are had imagined Obel’s upbringing to have been that of a child prodigy, perhaps performing sonatas aged three to an audience of kings and queens in powdered wigs. So it was with a little disappointment that we find out that the artist’s path to future superstardom was ridiculously normal and the singer herself ludicrously modest and affable.  “I started playing piano when I was little and basically kept on playing. I guess a lot of friends of mine, they played too, but they stopped at some point and I just kept on playing in bands, not because I wanted to be a musician, I had never really thought about it.” Continue Reading…